Do you take insurance? 

We are working to expand our connection with local insurance carriers. Our providers currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Neighborhood/Beacon and United Behavioral Health (UBH). To find out which providers are part of your company's network, please call us at 401-921-3600.  Every plan differs in terms of how much of particular service is covered and what your contribution is to the fee for service. Please call your company to determine if you have mental health coverage. You may want to ask them what your mental health benefits are and how many sessions your plan covers. Your therapist will discuss how your particular insurance plan works during the intake session. If our providers are not part of your company's network, our services may be covered if you have out-of-network benefits. Your insurance company should be able to explain your out-of-network benefits. We are happy to work with you company as an out-of-network provider. Call 401-921-3600 for more information.

Will therapy help me?
Many of our struggles in life may seem easier with a supportive ally, which can be offered through the therapeutic relationship. You may find that your therapist can provide care, problem-solving skills, validation of your experiences and enhanced coping strategies. Many people find therapy to be helpful with interpersonal concerns and relationship issues. Working with a therapist may provide a new nonjudgmental perspective. Each experience of therapy is unique to the person who seeking it and to the therapist working with that person. In general, therapy may help you understand patterns in your life, improve your relationships, attain a better understanding of your life, learn new ways to cope, and make changes.

What is therapy like?
The experience in therapy will ultimately be different for each person. The direction will depend on your needs, personal history, and goals for the future. Therapy can take many different directions. Some people will enjoy the process of talking one on one. Others may feel more comfortable with expressive art and other ways to communicate. You and your therapist will work together to determine the goal and direction of therapy.  

Does what I share in therapy remain confidential?
Confidentiality is one of the most important agreements between a client and therapist. It lays the groundwork for trust and safety. With the exception of a few instances, your therapist will work to ensure confidentiality.  To learn more about our confidentiality policy and exceptions, visit our Policies Page.​​​

Whether this is your first time coming to therapy or you've work with many therapists, you may have questions about what to expect. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the experience of therapy.


Your First Visit to Wilder Therapy

If this is the first time you are visiting Wilder Therapy & Wellness, you will probably wondering what to expect.  When you arrive, your therapist will likely be in session with another client. Have a seat in the waiting room and your therapist will be out to meet you at your appointment time. Remember to bring your insurance card and id.

The first session, called the intake session, may feel like an interview of sorts. Your therapist may even take notes during that first session. Your therapist will spend that session asking questions to get to know you and your life  to help tailor the therapeutic experience to you. Following the intake, your therapist  will work to give you an individualized experience that focuses on creating a caring and supportive place for you.

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