Our Commitment to Culturally Competent Care

The cornerstone of our practice philosophy is personal growth through affirming care. We support and believe in the inherent strengths of our clients. We value their individual journeys and wisdom. Distress can come from experiences of oppression, discrimination, marginalization, and rigid expectations around the roles we play based on our gender (perceived or self identified), sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, spiritual beliefs, and ability status. We believe there can be healing in exploring this distress.

Wilder Therapy is committed to providing affirming and inclusive services. Our clinicians take pride in offering culturally competent care to traditionally marginalized and underserved groups. We honor the diversity of the human experience. We strive to create a safe space for clients and clinicians of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientation, ability statuses and religious/spiritual backgrounds to grow.

The kind of care you receive is influenced by the way your therapist views the world and the human experience. It's also influenced by how she believes people find their way to therapy and the factors that contributes to distress. While there are individual differences, in general, the therapists at Wilder Therapy hold the following fundamental beliefs.

Philosophy & Cultural Competence

Our Practice Philosophy 

Overall, our providers hold the fundamental beliefs that:

  • We each do our best to survive whatever environment we are part of. Occasionally, the things we do to survive are not as effective as they once were and we may need to consider other tools or enhance those that we already have.
  • Psychological healing is a process unique to the individual. Your path will be very different from another's path. We work to help find your path and take the direction that works best for you.
  • The greatest predictor of success in therapy is the quality of the relationship between you and your therapist. We believe in cultivating those relationships.
  • The process of therapy can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor that is easier to navigate when trust and collaboration exists in therapeutic relationship.
  • We are not the experts on your life. Although we have knowledge about emotional and behavioral health, you have significantly more knowledge about your experience of the world. By joining our knowledge, we work collaboratively to help you meet your goals.

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