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Our goal is to give responsive and affirming care to individuals, couples and families. We help clients with:

  • Mood and depression management
  • Stress and anxiety
  • LGBTQ Issues and concerns
  • Gender identity and gender dysphoria
  • Distress related to experience of discrimination and oppression
  • Trauma (sexual assault, abuse of any kind, accidents, medical trauma, etc.)
  • Domestic violence recovery
  • ​Grief and bereavement
  • Relationship and marriage difficulties 
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation concerns
  • Sex therapy and sexual dysfunction
  • Adjusting to chronic illness and disability
  • ADHD in adulthood

Who We Serve

  • ​Adults
  • The Trans Community
  • LGBQA Community
  • Poly-families and the Kink community
  • "Black sheep" and "Outsiders"
  • "The Wild," "The Different," "The Strange"
  • Unapologetically tattooed and pierced people
  • Those who took the path less travelled and those who took the well-worn path
  • The currently devout, the recovering religious, atheists and the forever ambivalent
  • Dirt-worshiping tree-huggers
  • Those who don't fit in to any box and those who have no idea what boxes they fit in