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Attendance and Cancellation Policy
Please come to your session on time and at the time scheduled. Sessions last for 50 minutes. If you are late, the session will end on time and not run over into the next person's session. We understand that unexpected life circumstances may interfere with your ability to attend a scheduled session. If you need to cancel or change a scheduled appointment, we require that you do so with at least 24-hours notice so that we may fill that time with someone from our waiting list. In fairness to you, our other clients, and our clinicians:
Each client will be permitted two (2), missed or cancelled appointments without appropriate notification (24-hours prior) per year WITHOUT being assessed a fee.
After the second missed session, the fee schedule will be:

  • Third missed session: You will be charged a fee of $50.
  • Beyond the third missed session: You will be charged the entire fee for a session ($140).

Please be aware that you will be responsible for that fee as your insurance company will not pay for missed sessions.

For Clients

Patient Portal

Wilder Therapy and Wellness is pleased to provide our clients with a secure, HIPAA compliant Patient Portal. By accessing the portal, you can do the following:

To access the portal for yourself, click the PATIENT tab below:

To access the portal for your child, click the ASSOCIATE tab below:

Usernames and passwords are client specific and provided when you schedule your initial appointment. To receive a username and password or schedule your initial appointment, 
or if you have forgotten your log-in information, please call us at 401-921-3600.


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